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Contract candle manufacturing

Illumina Candle Supplies has 15 years of experience manufacturing luxury scented soy container candles. We produce our own range as well as manufacture for five-star hotels, boutique retail stores, bespoke charity candles, weddings, corporate events, as well as for overseas and New Zealand brands wanting our artisanal approach. We use traditional methods with the highest quality fragrances and natural raw materials to produce exceptional candles with even burning and superior scent throw.


Creating your own candle range is more affordable than you might imagine. We are here to help you customise your project with extensive experience in manufacturing soy container candles, soy melts, and reed diffusers. Whether you are a bride wanting to create a special wedding favor, a retailer wanting to customise an “in-house” specialty, or a service company looking for a personalised gesture of thanks, we can help you create a bespoke gift that will be enjoyed and remembered.


Located in Auckland, in the handy central location of Mount Wellington, we have the capability to manufacture up to 1000 candles per day. Our Illumina Candle Supplies Crew is supervised by expert manufacturers to provide you with a quality soy candle that offers even, slow-burning times with superior scent throw.


We use soy wax as the base for our candles, yet we are able to provide quotes if you would prefer another style of eco-friendly wax, such as coconut wax or a blend. Our wicks are free of lead and zinc, and the end result is a 100% biodegradable luxury candle.


We can work with you to create a custom fragrance, or you can use ready available fragrances for smaller production runs. The art of creating a candle is special, and we will ensure your privacy with your bespoke candle development.