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Citrus Candle Dye Flakes

$3.95$30.95 incl GST

Downlights oil soluble soy wax flakes have been sourced from the best global supplier to provide you with a reliable soluble candle colorant that is easy to measure accurately so you can maintain consistency from batch to batch. (also suitable for paraffin wax and all vegetable waxes).

Your soy wax must be fully melted prior to adding the colour you are using. Allow the wax to cool to advised temperature prior to adding fragrance.
Pale Shades: 0.01% or less
Medium Shades: 0.02 to 0.1%
Dark Shades 0.15% or more

– Assess the appropriate wick size to ensure that ideal burning time performance is achieved.
– Completed candle should be stored under ambient conditions.
– Melt the wax flakes PRIOR to adding the fragrance and mix very well.
– For extend colour-fading protection against all light sources, we recommend using our UV stabilisers.

Key Benefits:
– Premium solubility in all wax types
– Excellent cost performance
– Good light fastness and heat stability
– Not mixed with pigments which cause Metamerism

Usage guidelines still require your own testing. Illumina Candle Supplies does not take any responsibility for the quality and performance of your completed product.