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Soy Melt Molds – Square

$0.65$229.95 incl GST

Easy to pour – no need to pour each cube individually. Easy to pop out for fast scent throw in your oil burner.

Materials: Plastic PVC
Cube Volume:10ml/ cube
Measurements: 28mmWx 16mmH
No. of Cubes: 6
Overall measurements: 110mmx 75mmx 25mm
Front Panel for Sticker: 85mmx65mm

These molds are compatible with our soy wax and most waxes. Let the wax fully set before popping out your melt from the mould. For softer waxes, put your fully set mould in the freezer for 5 minutes prior to popping out the individual shape. NOTE: Do not pour above 65 degrees as it can damage the mould.