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Tips for Getting the Best Candle Scent Throw

Did you know there is COLD THROW and HOT THROW when describing aroma? 

COLD THROW describes how a candle smells while the wax is solid, 
and HOT THROW describes the aroma given after the candle has been lit.

So many candle makers think that by increasing the scent load
(the % of how much fragrance used), you will achieve stronger scent throw.
This is the biggest mistake possible.

The guidelines provided for the type of wax you use have been carefully written to ensure that you achieve the best possible results. Illumina Candle Supplies soy wax requires 8 to 12% load, nothing more. As well, Illumina Candle Supplies Fragrances are vigorously tested with our wax to offer the best COLD and HOT THROW possible. Starting with quality ingredients is critical.


The molecular structure of soy wax traps fragrance oil in the chemical bonds. When the wax is melted, the bonds are broken and the fragrance is released-the more molecules that evaporate, the stronger the smell.  So, this means the HOT THROW is stronger in smell than the COLD THROW


If you add fragrance at too high a temperature, the wax may undergo a chemical change which makes its ability to bond with the fragrance oil difficult. If you add the fragrance at too low a temperature, the risk of a candle over-igniting actually increases> so the oil doesn’t mix properly and little flammable “pools” inside the wax are just waiting to ignite!  

We recommend adding the fragrance at 10 degrees higher than the melt point (If you have melted the wax and the temperature is higher than the 10 degree difference, let it cool down first).


  • Follow guidelines for the temperatures
  • TEST, TEST, TEST: Start at the lowest recommendation, then increase by 2% higher load doesn’t always make a stronger throw!
  • STIR, STIR, STIR: 2 minutes!!!!!
  • STIR in between pours
  • Weigh your wax and fragrance on the same scale so the measurements match.
  • Make sure you take a tare of your jug before you add the wax, so you get the figures correct for your scent throw.
  • The larger the candle’s melt pool, the strong the HOT THROW will be, so start with a lower scent load. IF your scent throw is not strong enough for the container you tested, consider using a wider container.

If you still need help, feel free to contact us at any time 😃